We are a center for Knowledge, Solutions and Innovations for the Next Generation of Agriculture.


Importation of Agricultural machinery and farm equipment.

We import all kinds of agricultural machinery and equipment, solar energy systems, sprayers, tractors, greenhouse technology, spare parts, tillage equipment and more.
We connect buyers looking to purchase and import farm equipment, our import process makes it easy to get our farmers and distributors the equipment they need.
Our team guides our clients through the entire process, from selecting the right equipment to shipping and preparing documentation, ensuring all shipment arrives safely.

Agricultural Input supplies.

Part of our mission is centered on making agricultural inputs accessible for large and smallholder farmers in our areas of operation.
We understand that for agriculture to prosper, farm inputs need to be available, affordable, accessible, and of good quality.
In Uganda for instance only 20% of farmers are able to access certified seeds.

Seeds, fertilizers, and agro-chemicals, are essential for improving the productivity and incomes of farmers.
Our company is a bridge that connects suppliers/ Manufacturers to the market.
Our operations are divided into four areas;
Fertilizers and chemicals supplies.
Seeds and planting materials supply.
Machinery and equipment supply.
Input consultancy and advisory services.

Agricultural Workshops, Insurance, Collaboration, Research, Consultancy services and Cooperation.

We aim to be the epicenter of the future of sustainable agriculture and food supply in East Africa and beyond.
As a part of our wider MICE activities, we maintain an active seminar, workshop and events series. Our consultancy services include agricultural construction, structural design and architecture as well as business planning, training and execution.
We welcome researchers, farmers, breeders and growers organizations, students and all interested in Plant and Agricultural Biosciences research, trade, training and innovation.
Our seminars are a meeting place for Trade and agriculture associations, the cooperative organizations and societies, farmers, researchers and business leaders.

Our specialized workshops will be provided digitally or in person to accelerate sustainable Agriculture goals.

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Our Workshops are designed to cater for;
* Farmer cooperatives.
* Breeders associations
* Exporter associations
* Large and small holder Farmers
* Educators, researchers and policy makers
* Investors, developers and institutions

We are currently developing our capacity to import food products from markets outside Africa such as processed food, dried fruit etc...


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