Trade & Human Resource

Import, Export, Marketing, Finance, Product Positioning

Import, Export, Marketing, Finance, Product Positioning

Our trade and HR consultancy operates in four distinct areas, brand ownership and sales and marketing.
• Import and Export
• Marketing
• Finance
• Product Positioning

Human Resource

Our HR services ensure that we assign suitable jobs to employees through a systematic approach.
Within the global context of integration, we facilitate labour migration through placement and advisory.
Our company is a bridge that connects suppliers/ Manufacturers to the market.

Product Positioning

Our initiatives are an important part of manufacturers' and wholesalers' success. Regardless of the type of products or services,
our primary duties are to make customers interested in our client’s merchandise and to arrange the sale of that merchandise.
We provide our clients local market knowledge, local marketing and sales execution, and local distribution capability across East Africa.
With our distributors, we serve both conventional and natural retail distribution channels.

Our specialized workshops will be provided digitally or in person to accelerate Consultancy goals.

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